Monday, March 16, 2009

Renewed Energy

Today's run started off a little rough, like the last two. I was crabby from the start. I was wearing a new running skirt for the the first time, and it was more form fitting than what I typically wear. I felt like my gut looked huge and this made me crabby. What can I say? I'm a girl. As soon as I started running I felt my skirt flapping around and could tell my rear was showing. Well the little shorts underneath were showing. My uncomfortableness and crabiness escalated.

Nick and I started off slow. I was feeling heavy from my lunch of veggie burger and fries. Before long I developed a good case of heart burn. It seemed like a would never get out of my running funk. In addition, the little shorts under my too short skirt were starting to "migrate" so to speak. Not only was this uncomfortable, but I'm sure a good portion of my rear was exposed to view. Fortunately by this point, we were in the woods and there were no runners behind us. After a while I discovered that I could adjust it so it didn't flap around so much. Uncomfortableness managed.

FINALLY, about halfway through the run, my heartburn went away, and I started feeling better all around. I wasn't exactly speedy but I definitely had more energy. The last couple miles felt great. Once we got to the levee I started speeding up. Nick said we should try to catch a couple running ahead of us. Unfortunately the guy sped up quite a bit so we didn't catch him, but we sprinted past the girl about 100 or so yards from the end. It's not about racing people for me. It just helps to have a moving target for motivation to run faster.

Overall I was pretty happy with the run. I'm out of my funk, but I'm hoping for an even better run next time!

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