Thursday, March 12, 2009

So, I'm officially trying to stay more current on my blog. I'm not sure that statement applies since I've only posted one blog entry. But you get the idea. To restrict my wandering mind, I'll try to differentiate between running and school. What else is there, really? Besides my weird observations. Maybe I'll add that as a category!

Running was going great until approximately yesterday. I ran a 20miler Saturday before last. Wish I had run more than 10 last weekend, but I wasn't feeling toooo bad about it. Yesterday's run was definitely a smack in the face though. I went out for my usual 6 mile Wednesday night run on the Sandrat Trails in Lawrence. I wasn't happy about the cold as I had been getting used to the recent mild temps. As we started our run along the levee, I said, "I wonder when I'm going to reach the point, where I'm happy about coming out here tonight, because I'm not there yet." At this point in the run, I was still cold but assumed I'd get over it soon and be a happy camper.

Well, long story short, I never got there. I DID warm up, but as soon as I did, the feeling was replaced with that burning in the lungs...the kind I usually get after sprinting. Well, we were running at a decent pace but far from sprinting. I couldn't shake this feeling the entire time. Shortly after we entered the trail portion of our run, I fell back. Mary Ann and I were falling behind the main group. She asked me if I was running slow because of her. I ensured her I wasn't. She was getting farther away and waited for me once, but I told her to go on ahead.

Nick and Roxy came back to run with me along the levee, and I was grateful for that. It took my mind of wallowing in self pity over my bad run. Nick reminded me that everyone has days like these. Indeed!

I was glad to be done with the run,'s not about the run! It's about Free State! I thoroughly enjoyed my post run vodka tonics and quesadillas!

I'm feeling a lot more comfortable in my second semester of grad school. I'm back in the groove after my 3 year hiatus between undergrad and now. At least the physics concepts come easier. Math is math. I have a test tomorrow in calculus of variations. This will probably be my most challenging course this semester. The class is definitely geared more towards math majors than engineering majors. So the material is presented rather abstractly. And...I have to do proofs sometimes. Ick. I'm hoping for a B in the course. REALLY hoping. C's in grad school are not allowed. So, I'll be studying all afternoon and evening for my test and am hoping to ace it. (Since my homework grade is so bad right now.)

I don't like littering. I want to find people who litter and punch them.

I don't like the Watchmen. Watching it actually made me angry.

I DO love Nick's petsies, Roxy and Tuk.

I DO love the sunshine.

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