Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Night Run

Throughout the fall and winter our Wednesday night group runs have been at the Sandrat Trails by the river in Lawrence. Because of the trail's proximity to bustling downtown Lawrence, they are also followed by dinner and drinks on Mass St. The equation is simple...RUNNING + FRIENDS + DINNER + DRINKS + MASS ST = PURE AWESOMENESS. Long story short, we all look forward to Wednesday night runs.

Tonight the air was cool - a bit chilly if standing still, but the perfect temperature for running in say...shorts and a long sleeved shirt. Christy, Coleen and I hung back from the group, maintaining a more reasonable pace than Nick and the speed demons. We had a great time chatting and running. I hadn't seen Coleen or Christy in a week or more. It doesn't seem like long for typical friends, but we're ultrarunner friends. We spend long, sometimes grueling hours together running and discussing whatEVER. Summary: I love my running friends.

The run was great, and after, we went to Zen Zero for some tasty tasty Thai food. We had a fabulous time eating, boozing and discussing everything from gloomy Seattle to statistics.

Next on the fun list: 20-30mi at Clinton Lake starting Saturday morning, 7:15am

Wow, that was barely about running at all.

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