Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You are My Density

When 6:30pm
What Run
Where Sandrat Trails, Lawrence, KS
Why Fun?
How (Far) 6mi

All day I was longing to get outside and run run run, but I needed to work work work. I didn't think I would get out, because Nick was supposed to attend a meeting of nerds. The meeting was canceled, so we decided to go running. By the time we left to go running, my excitement had waned, but I knew I should do it anyway.

I think I kept a pretty constant pace the whole time, but the air was thick and warm. Every once in a while we'd pass through a refreshing pocket of cool air but they were few and far between. When I started whining (internally) about how dense the air was, I reminded myself of how difficult it was to run in the thin thin air of Colorado and decided this was the lesser of two evils. For all you Colorado transplants, I'm not insulting your beautiful state, I just suck at running there.

It was a good run. Not awesome. But glad I did it and happy to have my running partner with me!

P.S. It seems like I'm repeating myself myself a lot today.

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