Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free State: Almost There

Monday, enjoyed a super 4-mile run with Christy "Hawk Mama" Craig and Leila on the Sandrat Trails in Lawrence. Leila is the sweetest, most beautifulest golden retriever on the face of the earth, and we're pretty good friends. Anyway, we were supposed to be running slow, because it's taper week, but we were feelin' good and cranked out 10 minute miles. It was a great run - perfect temps, sunny, and great company.

On a totally unrelated-to-running note, after the run, Christy gave me her Lawrence hair stylist's card. Looking forward to going, but holding off for a bit as I've just spent a buttload of money - booking hotels for PCT 50 miler and tanning so I can look like a decent, non-vampirish bridesmaid at Tanya's wedding. Maybe I'll get over it when I receive my federal refund check, which might be in the mail today!

My Wednesday night run was the polar opposite of Monday's. It was probably the warmest day of the year so far, about 80 degrees. I was leading the group for about the first 1.5 miles but eventually got frustrated with the spideys and their webs and let Christy lead for a while. Soon after, I totally bonked. My legs felt like lead and didn't wanna move at all. I had plenty of water to drink. Not sure what the deal was. Maybe I should have taken salt before the run since it was so warm? Who knows? All I know is that it was making me crabby. All I could think about was how much I was gonna suck at Free State on Saturday. The forecast is for similar temps on Saturday, so I would have to deal with these same conditions, and I was clearly not handling them well.

I plodded on and eventually finished the 5.5 miles, grouchier than ever. Walked past everyone who had finished already, not saying a word, to clean off my shoes and legs in the spigot. Nick's dad was over there, so I talked to him for a bit and eventually started feeling less grouchy. I headed back over to the group to chat and discuss plans for our post-run dinner. We've decided on a new restaurant tradition for our Wednesday night Clinton runs - 23rd Street Brewery. Apparently they have $1.50 beers on Wednesdays. This doesn't impact my opinion, as I don't care much for beer, but the food is actually quite tasty. My spirits were raised by the delicious veggie burger, fries and good company. Also, Nick's dad offered to pace me for the last 20 miles of my race this weekend, so I might take him up on that!

Today, my legs still seem a little heavy and tired. Hopefully they'll recover over the next couple days and the race will be fabulous. I still can't wait, even though I'm dreading it! This will be my longest race yet, and looking at my statistics, I've never DNF'd a new distance. I'll try to keep up with my stats!


  1. You're gonna do great, it's going to be so much fun! Can't wait to run with you out there!

  2. You'll be great! It'll just be a fun run on your favorite trails with friends and people to hand you food! Doesn't get any better then that!