Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recovering Nicely

Went on my first run since Rockin' K today. 6.5-7 miles at Clinton Lake. Felt great. Was pushing hard to keep up with Gary the first 4 miles. Nick, Debbie, Lisa and I split off from the group at that point and turned back from an abbreviated version of the normal 9.5 mile run. I thought maybe since Nick ran 50 miles on Saturday, he might run slower than Gary on the way back, but he decided to run FASTER! That over-achieving jerk! I kept up until the last half mile, but he started to really haul some booty, so I let him show off.

Afterward, Debbie, Nick and I enjoyed a margarita and dinner at On The Border. We tried to get Lisa to come, but she's quite studious and insisted she had to do some writing. We'll peer pressure her next time!!

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