Sunday, April 12, 2009

Slow Day

Well, missed my long Saturday run this weekend. Planned on 20-30 but it didn't happen. It all started when I forgot to take my allergy meds Thursday morning. I realized later that day when I was at the vet with Roxy. Uh ohhhhh. Yup, I'm allergic to all things furry. I thought worst case I'd be kind of sneezy for a day while the drugs got back to work. But Friday afternoon I started getting all headachey and stuffy. I took a nap after class and woke up feeling worse. Oh no! I still had my fingers crossed that I would get better overnight and be able to run in the morning. That didn't happen! I woke up feeling pretty bad, so Nick went out to run without me.

When I finally got out of bed around 10, I thought, "Maybe I just needed some sleep. Maybe I can go running now!" I got my answer when I walked the 20ft to the kitchen. No. I was diiiiiizzeeeee! It felt like my brains were sloshing around in my head. While I didn't run anywhere, I did manage to get some laundry and cleaning done. I had to take a break every 5-10 minutes because I kept getting dizzy. The fun part came around noon when I developed a splitting headache that wouldn't let up all day. I eventually agreed to take some ibuprofen around 9pm. (I whined to Nick all day about my headache but didn't want to take anything for it.)

Well, I felt much better this morning. No headache, less dizzy and no cough. So I decided I should at least try for a run this weekend. Within the first mile I developed a bad headache...the kind that hurts with every step. I was starting to think this running thing was a bad idea after all! Well, I wouldn't say it turned out to be a great idea, but it wasn't horrible the whole time either. The headache let up a little which made it easier to deal with the dizziness. Nick was super nice and ran extra slow with me. We also took frequent walk breaks! We were travelling about the same speed as I would be going at the end of a tough 50k, except we were only running 6 miles.

Ah well, I was glad to be outside after being holed up all weekend. Too bad I didn't get some exercise on the really gorgeous day!

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