Sunday, April 19, 2009

Waste Away

Saturday, a bunch of trail runners got together to beautify some sections of the North Shore trails at Clinton Lake. There are several access points to the trails from campgrounds, and these areas accumulate the most trash. Gary got our morning started off right with baked goods and coffee. What a sweetheart! So, pleasantly full of scone, Gary gave us assignments. We split up into four groups--Nick, James and I were assigned "west on white" detail. This stretch is the closest to the campgrounds, hence the filthiest. The high density of trash limited the distance we could cover. We only made it from the first to second set of stairs, about a quarter mile. We DID manage to collect 6-7 bags of trash. Some interesting items we found included, beach pails, a giant gear (perhaps from a transmission), and three raccoon skulls. We got a super archaeology lesson from Christy who taught us how to tell the age of animals by looking at their skulls.

After we all returned with our spoils, we headed out for a sweeping run to admire our work and pick up any overlooked items. Beth Hilt reluctantly led us on the run and pretty much ran the snot out of us. She kept trying to get out of her duties, but we wouldn't have it. We ended up running about 5 miles altogether. It wasn't one of my best runs. I don't know if it was the humidity or the scones that were doing me in but it wasn't any easy run. Ah well, I still can't wait to run Free State!

P.S. Forgot to mention. I'm looking like a blind person in the pic above, because I had just undergone eye surgery the day before. Gotta protect my expensively altered eyes!

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