Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wonderous Wednesday

Last night's run was fabulous. Great weather and great crowd of folks, including three Langs! Nick's dad and uncle were in town and graced us with their presence. Good thing too. Uncle Steve got a great pic of this cranky copperhead that just missed a taste of juicy Nick leg.

Coleen, Christy and I fell back from the guys about a half mile into the run. We talked briefly about doing 10 but realized we probably didn't have enough daylight to finish the distance without headlamps. I felt great the whole time. This was the first run in a few weeks that's felt really good. Too bad I have to taper for Free State now. I really wanted to get more training in before my longest race!

In other news, Mr. Gary Henry has officially founded a new trailrunning group, the Lawrence Trail Hawks. He's given everyone swell hawk names. We counted last night as our first official group run. Soon we will complete our charter and begin collecting dues. All excess funds will go to the Kansas Trails Council to sustain the trails we use and love.

Gary asked me to be the group's treasurer. Of course I told him I'd help in any way! It's my understanding that we're holding elections, so nothing official yet. But I'm excited to be part of the new group. Looking forward to a logo so I can start buyin' Hawk gear!

In other other news, I've been thinking a lot about my wasteful behaviors lately. Of course I love the environment, but I never thought I PERSONALLY was doing anything to damage it. I mean I don't litter, I don't leave the lights on all day. What else is there? But I started thinking about how much waste I generate and it really took me aback. I thought about all the plastic grocery bags I use, all the paper napkins, all the paper cups. Then I thought, WHY do I need to use so much? So I've begun to watch what I use and throw out. I don't grab 5 napkins at Einstein Brothers, use one, then throw them all out. I grab one and use one. I bought some reusable grocery bags at Dillon's. I also realized I need to start bringing a coffee mug to Einstein's (my morning haunt) instead of throwing out a bunch of paper cups every week. Just trying to do my part and hoping to make a slight impact.


  1. YAY! Welcome to hippy-dom! It's amazing how much trash we generate without thinking about it. Good for you for working on changing.

    It was a GREAT run the other night.. although now I'm totally worried about snakes!

  2. Yay! But - Look out! You're going to start hugging trees any day now...

    I finally, after about 20 years, got my parents to start recycling - it's awesome, my dad has a whole organized system!

    I'm so glad you're getting into it - those reusable bags are brilliant, I use them for everything!

    Here comes Free State!