Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Heart Fall

It's been a great week so far.  I think much of the greatness has been fueled by this amazing cool weather, marking the beginning of fall.  I don't know what it is about fall, but it puts me in a constant state of excitement.  I feel like running everywhere I go.  (I also feel like wearing plaid shirts, drinking hot apple cider and making pies.)  It's an amazing time for running.  You're not burdened by the heat and humidity of summer.  You're not ultra paranoid about ticks.  The spiders are starting to go away.  It's an amazing transition between the heaviness of summer and a different sort of heaviness that comes with winter.  It's light and floaty!  With winter comes the cold which is alright with me, but KS winters are sort of wet and fickle.  If you're not trudging through snow (heavy on the legs), you're trudging through mud leftover from melted snow (heavy on the legs), or you're running through mud and freezing rain (heavy on the legs and miserable).  If you're lucky, you'll run on a day that's just bitterly cold and the trail is frozen (not heavy on the legs, but hard on ankles).  In abrupt conclusion, I want to run!!!  Can't wait to run with the ladies tonight at Clinton Lake!

Running stats for the week:
Sunday - 3 around campus/downtown
Monday - 4.5 at Clinton Lake
Wednesday - 4.5 at Clinton Lake
Thursday - 4 at Clinton Lake?
Saturday - volunteering at Shoreline Shuffle and running after?

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  1. Hey, you're a pretty good writer, Pixie Hawk! Nice thoughts on Fall running. I think you'll be back in ultra-form before you know it!