Monday, September 28, 2009

The Mound

Today was an ohhhhkay run.  The weather was great of course.  We ran out at Clinton Lake for the Trail Hawks beginners' run, although, there haven't been any beginners the past several weeks.  Nick and I met up with Jim Beiter at the Corps of Engineers trailhead at Clinton Lake.  Nick wanted to explore some section of trail we haven't run on, to scope out a course for a potential race in November.  We started out fast.  Too fast for me, but I kept up as best as I could.  I didn't realize how hilly the course ahead was going to be, but I should have guessed from the name, Saunder's Mound.  The trail was beautiful, albeit a bit jungly.  The grass was as tall as me on the sides.  Once we got to the top of the mound, we were graced with a beautiful view of the lake.  We decided to travel down a trail that traversed the other side of the mound, heading down toward the lake.  This section was especially jungly.  I ended up just walking down with my arms in front of my face to keep the grass and sunflowers from smacking me.  The trek paid off, because the trail ended at a narrow section of shoreline.  We briefly threw around the idea of having a race course run along this shore but all decided that it was too narrow and we didn't want people to fall in the lake.  We ran, or in my case ran/walked, back up the mound, and when we got back up noticed another fork of the trail that went down the east side of the mound and wrapped around to the north.  We hooked back up with the trail we came  out to the mound on and made our way back up the hill to the parking lot.  We'd only run about 1.5 miles at this point so we got back on the white trail to go out for a couple more miles.  Nick and I ended up doing about 3.5 overall.  My leggies were tired after the hills and the quick pace at the beginning, so I was ok with running less than usual.

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  1. I love taking hikes up there. In the autumn its easier to make your own path..or at least see the ones that are there that no one else uses. :) Kudos for running up the mound.