Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hills: The Saga Continues

Mental Battle
When I woke up yesterday, I did what any normal person does first thing in the morning, checked Twitter and Facebook.  I saw many exciting comments about a beautiful layer of snow on the ground, so I eagerly peaked out the window to find...a bunch of wet and no snow.  Drats!  Must be those sneaky KCers who got the sticky snow!  My level of motivation for the day plummeted into the basement somewhere and I didn't feel like going down there to get it.  I didn't feel like going anywhere as a matter of fact.  I daydreamed of staying indoors all day, snuggled under my favorite (and only) blue microfiber blanket, IMing with the Nickster from the comfort of the couch.  But alas, I had things to do.  1) Class, 2) Hill Repeats. 

Class, hmmmm, I could just skip it, right?  Nobody would care if I didn't go to class.  Oh yeah, I guess they would.  There's only one other student in class and when I told my professor I wouldn't make the first day, he canceled class.  I would be in deep doodies if I just skipped class.  I guess I gotta go to class.

Hill repeats, hmmmm.  Not only would I have to run around in the cold rain, but I'd also spend an hour and a half driving in the rain to SMP and back.  That sounds PARTICULARLY unappealing.  Not being able to fit into my pants sounds unappealing too.  This isn't going to be the only crappy day this winter.  I'll turn into a big slacker if I start off like this!  But it's really gross out!  I think I'll just stay in tonight and be guilty. 

Luckily, my friend Coleen texted me asking if I would be attending the run.  I responded indecisively, hoping that she was also feeling indecisive, leading us BOTH to decide to call it off which would ease the guilt.  Alas, she was DECISIVE!  She would be going and reminded me that if I started wimping out early it would begin a pattern of wimpiness that would carry through the rest of the season.  I caved to reason.  I still wasn't enthused about the run, but knowing I'd get to hang out with Coleen and my friends made it seem sort of ok. 

Wrapping it Up Quickly
I ran 4 Ogg Rd hill repeats + 1 walking cool-down hill.  I didn't walk at all (on the four).  I was still dead last by a long shot, but I don't mind.  Four hill repeats with no walking is already a big improvement.  Speed will come later.  Jim Megerson met up with us on the third hill.  Haven't seen him in ages so was happy he came out.  The run wasn't so bad.  I got pretty hot so the cool air was nice although I could've done without the spitting rain.  I get very cold after running in the winter and it takes me forever to warm up.  After a 45-minute drive back to Lawrence in a super hot car, my lips were still blue.

Definitely glad I went running.  Still would've preferred no rain.


  1. I'm SO glad you came running too! Running hills with you makes them almost enjoyable... I think next week we hit the golf course for a bit too!!

  2. You're a better woman than me. I settled for 4 miles uphill on the treadmill and chili with Stephen and Ersela. I will try to stop wimping out and get out to SMP with you all!

  3. Coleen, yay for running with friends! Sarah, that's definitely not true. You ran! If I didn't go to SMP last night, I would have made no attempts to make other running arrangements 'cause I'm a slacker. :) I'm glad I didn't know you were having chili, otherwise I might have skipped the run and crashed your dinner!

  4. Glad you got yourself out there, Laurie! I have been admiring the Tuesday-night hill repeats from afar, and was going to make this my first run down there. I wasn't so much slacking for the weather as I was slacking for the drive. But I keep thinking that you kids really need someone to laugh at. So, next week for sure! Maybe...

  5. Can't wait for you to come out, Kristi! I don't think anyone could replace me in terms of hill-running laughability. I think I could get up the hill much faster if I walked.

  6. Love blue lips! Keep it up Laurie. Hills are great for attitude and butt scuplting-- not that your rear needs any help! Not to do a sales pitch-- but I get super cold too and the Mizuno breath thermo stetch crew saves my ass. If I get it on fast, I am toasty. Hmm common theme here.