Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sometimes Fast

Tonight Nick and I planned to run about 10mi at Clinton Lake but we ended up cutting it short because Nick was having tummy trouble. We walked for a mile or two until Nick decided he needed to take care of business, so to speak. I was glad he did, 'cause I was gettin' darn cold walking along the lake. When we started up again I was frrrreeeeeeezing. I found myself running faster and faster to try to warm up. After a while I realized I was going pretty fast (probably sub-8) and was feeling good. I decided to see how long I could keep up the pace. Turned out I held onto it until the end, although the lungs started complaining going up the last winding hill on the blue trail. I feel pretty good about the run. I even venture to say I might have given Nick a run for his money at the end. I, therefore, proclaim tonight's run a success. We traversed about 5.5mi overall, the first few a slow run, 1-2 walk/jog and about 1.5 ass-hauling. Even though it wasn't 10, I still feel like I earned my veggie burger and fries!

Shoe Dream Addendum
When we arrived home from dinner and collected our things from the car, I found that an important pair of items was missing.  My shoes.  A huge wave of YOU'RE AN IDIOT hit me as I recalled placing my running shoes next to the truck while I changed and saying to myself, "Laurie, don't forget to put those in the truck."  I'm what some refer to as absent-minded.  Unfortunately I'm not a professor.  I didn't feel like making another trek out to the lake last night and decided I'd trust in the natural goodness of my fellow humans to not steal them.  Besides, if someone wanted to steal my mud-caked shoes they were probably needier than me.  The only other potential scenarios I could work out in my mind were, a) a park officer would throw them in the trash (which I could easily recover) or b) a park officer would take them to some sort of lost and found.  The ideas were permeating my dreams as I slept.  That's when you know it's time to wake up.  I dreamt that when I returned to the park in the morning, the shoes weren't there, so I walked over to the trash can.  The trash can was filled to the top with running shoes that all looked similar to mine but weren't.  Ohhhhhhh the terror!  The dream gave me a good laugh on my drive home from the park this morning with shoes in tow.  They were right where I left them!


  1. I love that you got up to go get your lost shoes first thing in the morning! Glad they were still there.

  2. Nice run Speedy! Seriously, I'd like to do some shorter, faster runs with you... I think you could teach me a lot! Happy to hear that your shoes were still there!! (I only wish your dream about a trash can full of New Balance 790's was true.. mine are "trashed"!)

  3. Sarah, yes I did go first thing! As a matter of fact, I just got out of bed, put some shoes on and put a sweatshirt over my pj's. Didn't even brush my teeth! Hahaha.

    Aww, Coleen, that's sweet of you to say, but you're totally a better runner than me. Maybe we can do Tuesdays and/or Thursdays before hills/gal gallop. I think I'm gonna go out early tonight to get 5 or 6 in before our run, although I'm not planning on a particularly speedy run. Maybe just moderate.