Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting Back Into Ultra Shape

It seems I'm finally making some serious progress toward getting my rear back into shape.  The past year and a half of grad school has been a major barrier to my favorite pasttime.  I managed to run a couple ultras last year, but didn't enjoy them very much and didn't perform very well.  The rest of the time I spent on the sidelines, finding it hard to imagine I had ever been an ultra runner.  Now that I'm done with classes and close to graduating, I'm back with a renewed sense of purpose.  I want to start really training, not just running races that I "can" complete by pure force of will without taking the time to really train my body.  I've run several ultras on very little training.  Knowing I can do that is cool I guess...the human body can do a lot...wow.  But I'd rather be a little more comfortable in a race, feel a little less unsure of the outcome, have much less risk of injury, and *gasp* be able to run a little faster? 

The past week of running has been very encouraging to me with a 17mi run on Wednesday, 5mi run on Thursday and 20mi run on Saturday.  I've been especially pleased that the longer runs haven't put me out of commission for days.  After my long run on Saturday, I was ready to run again Monday night.  I'm definitely looking forward to a few more weeks of tough training to get ready for the Rockin' K marathon.  It's not just a marathon.  It's a "kick the crap out of you" marathon.  So I definitely feel that I need to go above and beyond normal marathon training to do more than just survive this one.  Next up after that, get my butt into gear for the Headlands 50 in July. 


  1. It's awesome to see you so positive and motivated. Can't wait to see you cruising over the prairie next month - you'll do great!

  2. Thank you Kristi! And way to go on that 15mi run on Saturday! You'll be kicking my butt in EVERY distance now. :)