Thursday, April 15, 2010

A History with Horseshoes

On my commute into work this morning, my mind wandered from topic to topic as it often does.  I contemplated washing my filthy Honda Civic.  Once I visualized the shiny surfaces, I pictured the countless little scratches that would be uncovered by the act.  The thought thread led me to images of Nick's dirty, scratchy, truck.  I recalled providing one of those scratches one very windy day in 2009. 

A gust of wind, bent on carrying away the horseshoe hanging from my hand by a piece of twine, succeeded in its mission.  Eventually it was thwarted by a mighty defender, in the form of Nick's truck door.  My first reaction of course, was to recover the small metal plate engraved with the message "KUS Rockin K Trail Marathon Finisher", which in perceiving the brawn of the door forsook its adhesive bond to the horseshoe and dropped to the ground.  I was pleased that the metal plate took well to being readhered to the horseshoe and turned my attention back to the door, where I noticed a fresh scratch.  Oopsy! 

My mind flashed to a memory of another horseshoe.  A horseshoe which read "KUS Rockin K Trail Marathon Womens Third Overall".  A horseshoe which fell from my hand upon unloading numerous bags and parcels from my arms.  The metal plate was lying on the floor a small distance from the horseshoe it had once been attached to.  The two were happy to be reattached, but the plate suffered a bent corner in the fall.

My goodness, I thought.  100% of my awards from Rockin' K have either caused or received damage.  Perhaps it's a sign.  Maybe a sign that the Rockin' K gods aren't pleased with my performance.  Maybe I should try for first place.  Or maybe the Rockin' K gods want me to run the 50 next time.  I'll have to try something!  Or maybe I should just stop being uncoordinated.  Who knows?


  1. Not to worry, it's a TRUCK for gosh sakes, not a Lamborghini. Still, try for ist. ( :

  2. Yes... the Rockin' K gods want you to run the 50 next year... I am a direct mouthpiece for said gods. They will be VERY displeased if you do not!

  3. lol! I believe in u for 1st!