Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gals Gone Muddy

Today, instead of our normally scheduled Gals' Gallop on the Lawrence River Trail we gathered at Clinton Lake to mark and de-jungle 3.5mi of the Hawk 50 course.  The trail was soupy but at least it wasn't pouring tonight.  We just had some sprinkles.  It was a good thing we had enough girls to split up into two groups and attack different forks of the trail, because even so, we finished just before dark.  We had a lopper, trash picker upper, pink flagger and pink ribboner in each group.  I was so impressed with the turn out, even though the weather wasn't great and we didn't actually get to run.  These girls are awesome to spend their time helping out with the race.

Pictured left to right: Kristin Tirabassi, Karen Collier, Sarah Henning, Christy (didn't catch last name), Colinda Thompson, Christine Metz, Nicole (also forgot to get last name), Tammy Lupton, and run leader/Trail Hawks VP Coleen Voeks.

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