Friday, June 11, 2010

Stretched Thin

So I have this thing.  I like to be there for people: my friends, my boyfriend, my family, the community and sometimes even myself.  And sometimes, like this weekend, things come to a head and I just can't do it all.  When that happens I have a difficult time deciding what to do and who comes first. 

Before the Trail Hawks prez, Gary Henry, left on vacation, I assured him I would lead the Saturday long runs.  Gary's a friend of mine and the Trail Hawks are my running family.  I take my commitments seriously. 

I noticed the other day that another friend, Willie Lambert, was having a race in Topeka this Saturday.  I planned on attending a couple months ago but the date snuck up on me.  Willie is a great asset to the running community.  He has an awesome running store in Topeka, puts on great races, and hosted an aid station at the Hawk 50 race in May.  I want to support him.

Mike Goodwin of the Kansas Trails Council announced the other day that he'll be leading a work day at Clinton Lake's North Shore trails on Saturday.  Helping maintain the trails is extremely important to me.  I utilize them a lot and definitely feel like I need to give back by helping out.

My boyfriend has some serious back problems right now and has been unable to run for a month.  Even his ability to walk is seriously challenged.  This is extremely frustrating to him.  Like me, running is and has been a very important part of his life.  Heck, we met at a race.  I've had my share of experience watching from the sidelines.  When Nick and I first met, he was running his first ultra.  I was on my 2nd.  Soon after, I started grad school, and my training went to crap, while 6 months later Nick was running his first 100.  I was always the one crewing and cheering on my friends, and if I was lucky, doing a little pacing.  So I understand when Nick tells me that it's difficult for him to watch me go off running all the time while he sits at home.  I've been racking my brain to think of something fun we can do together.  But both of us being athletic types, it's hard to conjure up things that we would love to do, that he can do.  I want so badly to do something to make him feel better, but I just don't know what to do.

My dad turns 58 on Flag Day and Father's Day is next weekend.  We usually celebrate the two events at the same time.  Lucky dad!  So we're getting together to celebrate on Sunday.

Nick's mom is going to be in town for the next couple weeks.  She's staying with her cousin in KC for the first week, but I feel like we should do something with her since she's sort of in town.  I'm sure the last time we saw her wasn't one of her better days.  It was mother's day.  Nick was puking, threw out his back and was laid up in the back of her truck.  Meanwhile, Nick's mom, aunt, sister, brother and I waited outside a restaurant for 2 hours for a table so we could celebrate the day with some yummy brunch.  I forgot to mention I was puking too.  Then she drove us around while Nick and I bickered about whether or not we should be flying home that day.  She's a saint and is going to stay with us for a week while Nick recovers from his surgery.  You couldn't ask for a better person to take care of you.

Me?  Well, I'm training for Headlands 50, which is coming up on July 17th.  I signed up for that a long time ago, so I gotta make it happen.  I need a few more weeks of really solid training before I taper.  I really don't know how that's going to happen this weekend.  I also changed my registration for the Heartland 50, coming up in October, to the 100.  I have a lot of training ahead, which makes me feel like I'm being selfish, considering Nick's condition.  But the 100 training won't start until after Headlands and hopefully he'll be well on the mend from his surgery (next Friday) by then.

Soo my tentative plan so far is as much as I can tonight, show up for trail maintenance tomorrow, go home and spend time with my sweetie and maybe do something helpful like mow the lawn, and if I have time maybe run some more.  Run Sunday morning, go to massage, go to parents.  The rest of the gaps I'm sure will be filled in.


  1. Laurie,

    Life gets in the way of everything, also, you can't make everyone happy! :) No matter how hard you try. The most important thing to do is make sure that you're happy and your happy with the decisions you made. That being said, I'm gonna watch the World Cup tomorrow! :) GO USA!!!

  2. While the goal maybe technically impossible, I'm proud of the fact that it's on one of your trajectories. You can only help if you feed and care for the feeder first.

  3. "Stretched Thin". That's probably an understatement! Good luck this weekend with all you have going on and try to enjoy yourself along the way!