Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Still Alive

I figured since it's been a while, I should update my "followers". Hahaha. My followers consist of about 5 people all of whom pretty much know what's going on in my life already. So really this is just a journal entry to remind future me how I'm a pathetic writer.

Here's the deal.  I finished my first 50 miler in May.  Then I decided I would sign up for a 100 miler in October.  Then finishing my thesis took a lot longer than I expected, so I didn't run much in June or July.  Now I'm done with my thesis and defense (just need to get some paperwork signed).  Now I have time to run!  I'm a little worried that I'm cutting it too close on the 100 miler training. 

I did manage to run a 50k a few weeks ago - Lunar Trek Night Race.  I got a PR by almost an hour and a half, which is nice!  And I came in first place.  Also nice, even though there were only 3 women finishers.  I'll take it.  But I haven't done long runs for the past couple weekends.  Booo.  So the next few weeks will be important for me.  I've got Coleen's Sweaty Ass this weekend.  As many loops as I can or want to run on Friday night.  My plan is to run 30-40 miles.  This will be a great opportunity as it's always easier to do the long runs with friends. 

My normal long running buddy, Coleen, has unfortunately started a job where she has to work on the weekends! Not cool, Coleen. Screw health insurance, your life should be all about running with me!  Of course, there's always running at night, which is ideal in this heat.  But I suppose she needs to sleep at night to get up for that 7am job.  So really, I just need to stop being a pansy, stop drinking vodka tonics after work on Friday and get out on the trail.

Blah blah blah. Run run run.


  1. I can't believe how long you run, you're crazy! That is the most impressive thing ever.

  2. So glad you're OK! I know I saw a person claiming to be Laurie a couple weekends ago, but figured it couldn't really be her because the real Laurie hadn't posted an update on her blog in like a MONTH.

    Oh, and you are so going to be ready for that 100. Hopefully I'll get to come out there and cheer you on, at least for a little bit. You'll rock it.

  3. ARGHHHHH!!!! I miss you too!! Well, if it's any help, On Friday I'm going to ask for the time off to go to Silverton, if they say no.. I'm giving them my notice! I have PRIORITIES damnit! And this job ain't one of them. HA!

    You are going to do GREAT at Heartland.. you had a great base going into that little break you had and it'll carry you through. You don't need speed, just time on the feet!