Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Long Run

My dear friend Sarah was a sweetheart and accompanied me on my 30 mile run on Saturday.  I have to say, she's been a life saver.  She's put in a LOT of miles with me.  And as I've told her before, I couldn't have reached this point in my training alone.  I owe her big time.  She's also pacing me at Heartland.  I'm not sure how I'll ever pay her back!

Well here are a few shots from our run.  We started at 5:30 on the levee.  This shot was about 5 miles in, after we had turned off on Alexander Rd.  Beautiful sunrise!

After we ran 12 on the levee and road, we did a couple 9 mi loops on the river trails.  I love this section of the trail.  The skinny trees remind me of the aspens in Colorado.  I had some knee pain for this first loop, but it ended up clearing up for the last loop.  I guess you know you're an ultra runner if it takes you 20 miles to warm up. Hahaha.

A whiskey bottle.  I call this section of the trail, the Whiskey Mile.  I normally pick up trash on the trail, but this is more like a landmark to me than trash, so I left it.  Plus, I didn't have anywhere to hold a whiskey bottle.

Twisted Metal Graveyard.  We're not really sure what's up with this section of the trail.  I like to imagine that some tornado came through 40 years ago and left all this here but I really have no ideas.  I think they're old car frames.

Finally done!  I'm not a big fan of this shot.  The light is showing off my wrinkles!  I had to include it anyway.  We finished.  And then we got Chipotle.  Awesome day.

Chillin' out with Tuk and Roxy, literally.  Icing my knees

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  1. Great post and photos. Thanks for taking me back to Kansas (where I grew up) with the gorgeous sunrise shot. And, I can relate - it takes me about 15 miles to warm up! Love that you named a section of trail "Whiskey Mile."