Friday, December 17, 2010

My First Race

Don't let the title confuse you.  The topic of this entry is not "the first race I ever ran".  That was probably the Parkville Turkey Trail Trot 5k in 2002, and I was really slow.  I'm talking about...drum roll please...the first race I will ever DIRECT!  A very exciting milestone.

So how did I come across my first race directing opportunity?  It was a weekend.  Sunny I think.  Maybe 40 degrees.  I was running on the Lawrence River Trails.  I had turned around early.  My initial plan was to do two, 9-mile loops.  Then my revised plan was to do one, 9-mile loop.  Then my double revised plan was to do 5 miles.  If I recall correctly, the reasons included chafing and wanting to spend time with my boyfriend.

So on my trek of shame back to the trail head, I started thinking about how we (the Lawrence Trail Hawks) don't have any races on the river trails.  To date, they've all been at Clinton Lake State Park.  In my quest for branching out, I began brainstorming when such a race would be.  And based on the dates of the other races we already host and the fact that I hate the summer, I decided on early spring.  Then I thought about what the name and distance of the race would be.  It's all a blur to me now, which order I decided on what.  But the result was...the Pi-Day River Rotation (πr²) Half Marathon.  The reasons being, 1) Pi Day is in March, which fit my time frame, 2) Pi Day is nerdy and I like that, 3) the title can be abbreviated πr², which is the area of a circle (more nerdy), 4) it's a loop course with alternating counter clockwise and clockwise directions and 5) we don't have a half marathon yet.

So now I should probably back up and tell you what Pi Day is in case you haven't heard of it.  Pi Day is a holiday held to celebrate the mathematical constant π, 3.1415… It is held on March 14th (3/14). Get it? π (sometimes written pi) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space. -source

Also, Pi Day is generally celebrated by eating pie and other round foods.  So even if one was totally unappreciative of the clever name and not nerdy at all, he or she would still be lured in by pie (and running).  Unless you're Sarah, and you don't like pie.  Weirdo.  If you were Sarah, you'd still have to come, because you're my friend.  So there.

In conclusion, because I came up with the idea I have to direct it!  That's the way it goes 'round here.  So here are the details!  It's March 19th at 8am.  Sorry, couldn't actually swing Pi Day.  It's a Monday.  But you could still celebrate by running around in circles if you want.  Online registration will be open soon, but if you like writing checks and mailing things and not paying extra fees, you can register RIGHT NOW!  So check it out!

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