Friday, December 10, 2010

Running Family

Since it's the holiday season, I've been getting all soft and sappy feeling.  So I thought I'd take advantage and write a bit about the importance and awesomeness of my vast running family.  If I had to guess, I would say I'm friends with 100+ trail and ultra runners in the Kansas/Missouri area.  And if you have any experience with the trail/ultra community you'll know that any of those people would probably donate an arm and part of a leg to help out a fellow runner.

I'm always amazed when I think about how very different many of my running friends are in terms of political views, religious beliefs, everything!  But it never stops us from loving each other to death.  We all share a few things.  1) Loving the outdoors.  2) Need for a challenge, test or struggle.  Builds character!  We've all been in a race and thought, "Gosh, this is the hardest thing EVER.  I hurt like hell, why am I doing this?"  And after the race you're still thinking, "I'm never doing THAT again."  And a few days to a few weeks later you're saying, "When's the next race?  I wanna sign up!"  3) Friendliness.  If you meet someone at a trail race, the next tme you see them, you're on hugging terms.  The third time you see them, you're old friends, practically BFFs.  Unless it's Stacy Sheridan or Debbie Webster you're talking about.  They'll hug you the moment they meet you!

So to my running family, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can always take those few days away from work to reflect on all the special people in your life and remind them that you love 'em all!

Love you dearly ,



  1. LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU!! Can't wait to share many, many more of those painful/fun/awful/fabulous miles with you (especially the ones where we sing Madonna songs!)

  2. Awwww! What a sweet post, Laurie! Love, you BUBF!

  3. You have summed it up ever so neatly and ever so sweetly. Every one of those 100-plus runners is lucky to have you in their lives. Congratulations, Pixie Hawk, on your magnificent accomplishments in 2010, and best luck for 2011 -- I know you won't need it, though. (-;