Sunday, February 6, 2011

Need the Miles

It's been a slow first month of the year.  My mileage has been low and I just haven't had much of interest to write about.  I completed two long runs in January: 25 miles at Coleen's Fat Ass, and a 20 miler with my friend Sarah on the North Shore Trails at Clinton Lake.  The Fat Ass is a casual run at the Prairie Center in Olathe.  There's a 3.2 mile loop of trail.  You can do as many loops as you want.  And everyone brings snacks to share inside the Prairie Center museum, which is filled with taxidermied (not sure that's a word) animals native to KS.  There's always a new surprise in the freezer every time we go out there.  Last time there was a beaver.

So I haven't done many long runs and I haven't been running much during the week either.  Some of my slacking was due to weather, some was due to other commitments, and some was just slacking.  So yesterday I got together with a group of friends and we cranked out 32 miles on the country roads outside of Gardner, KS.  Our friend Darin crewed for us out of his truck so we didn't have to do a bunch of short out-and-backs.  What a dear!  I was feeling a little anxious about the upcoming 3 Days of Syllamo toward the end of the run since I was getting pretty stiff and sore, but after a good 7 miler today, I've decided to attribute yesterday's performance to a tough session with my personal trainer Friday evening.

Today's run went pretty well.  My legs weren't too sore and I was able to keep a decent pace.  Ironically, I injured myself out on the trail today, but it wasn't caused by a running accident.  While we waited for a fellow runner to tie his shoes, I decided it would be nice to sit in the shallow snow.  This was a bad idea.  I landed directly on a small sharp rock and bruised my tailbone.  So walking and running feel fine!  But sitting is rather intense.  Hope it heals up soon.  I have a desk job!

Finally, in other news, I was elected president of our local trailrunning group, the Lawrence Trail Hawks.  I'm pretty excited about my new role.  I know it will be challenging but I'll do my best and hope I leave a positive mark.  Lately I've been planning for my debut as race director of the Pi-Day River Rotation Half Marathon.  I'm getting all my ducks in a row: purchasing awards and t-shirts, verifying course measurements, planning for packet pickup and of course, thinking about the 12 pies we need to make for post-race snacking.  Mmmmm.  You know you want to come!

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