Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who's Behind the Stuff?

Today my boyfriend, Nick, informed me that our landlord would be showing our house in a couple of days.  Of course, this sent me into a house cleaning flurry, which only happens when people are coming over.  But "showing the house" means we have to clean the WHOLE house.  After that initial housewarming party, you really don't have to keep that second floor tidy, because nobody ever goes up there right???  Well, it's been a year and a half since that housewarming party and we're moving out in July, so I guess it's time to tidy the whole place up.

I tend to freak out when faced with daunting tasks like, having to clean the house in two days AND pack for an ultra trip (Sylamore 50k in Arkansas) at the same time.  So grabbing a glass of wine early on was definitely a good choice.  I should point out that if child services came by our house on a typical day and we actually had children, they would probably be taken away.  One glance at the pile of dirty running socks and shoes piled in the middle of our living room - the location in which most living rooms have a coffee table - and the box of cheezits resting serenely on the couch would send most people running away. FYI, the cheezits belong to Nick.  I don't eat junk food like that!  Unless...Nick buys it and it's sitting on the couch saying, "Eat me.  I taste nothing like cheese but you know you want me."

So there I was.  Cleaning.  I grabbed some clothes to wash from the landfill of laundry that extends from our bedroom to the "closet" which is a totally different room than the bedroom.  Once I sort of organized the upstairs to the point that I could do no more, i.e. there was still a landfill of laundry that would not fit into the washer or laundry baskets, I headed downstairs to tackle the kitchen.  Since I've been healing from a bruised tailbone and I didn't run or work out last week, I did a lot of cooking.  I like cooking.  I do not, however, like cleaning the kitchen after I cook.  Sooooo, there were a lot of dishes.  I washed them.

By the time, I started putting things away in the office, I was feeling pretty good.  I had been carrying the wine everywhere I went.  Walk 10ft.  Bring the wine.  Go upstairs.  Bring the wine.  Go downstairs.  Bring the wine.  I walked by our entryway, glancing at our hallway full of shoes.  I'm not kidding.  We have a HALLWAY FULL OF SHOES.  Mostly running.  So I started thinking about what these potential new tenants would think about various aspects of our living quarters, such as:

1.  Ok, I already mentioned the hallway full of shoes.  Here it is.
2. The wall of the end of the hallway of shoes.  I didn't use to own so many jackets.  But Nick got me hooked.  I blame him.
3. Cabinet full of water bottles.
4. Office loaded with fantasy/sci-fi books, Magic the Gathering and pewter models of dragons.  I'll cop to loving fantasy and sci-fi but the dragons and games are Nick's.
5. Bags scattered around the house.  I think every ultra runner has plenty of bags on hand.  We have a lot of baggage!  Shoes, clothes, food.

So my conclusion is, people will probably think we're very nerdy people who are very addicted to running and being outside.  And that's just fine with me!  It does make me wish that I could be there to see the looks on those faces though.

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