Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Major Breakthrough!

I felt I should let the entire universe know that yesterday I did several unassisted assisted chin-ups.  What exactly is an unassisted assisted chin-up, you say??  Well, because I have weak, feeble T-rex arms, I can't do REAL chin-ups.  My trainer, Whitney, ties a big rubber band to the bar and I stick my foot through it.  Hence, assisted.  But because of the aforementioned weak, feeble T-rex arms, I ALSO require assistance, in the form of a little push, from my trainer to get my chin up above that darn bar.  Until yesterday!  Yesterday, I did several (maybe 5 out of 30) chin-ups without any help from my trainer.  Just that beefy orange band.

In other news, today is very exciting, because I get to go down to Arkansas for 3 Days of Syllamo with all my awesome friends!  I've never been before, but I'm told it's a blast.  I imagine it being like summer camp, except for adult runners, and it's still winter.  The forecast says it will be sunny and in the mid-60s every day though.  So you can't beat that.  If anything, it might be a little too warm for this hot-blooded runner.  Well I guess I have to get ready for summer sometime.


  1. Good luck, T-Rex arms! You're going to do great and have dino-sized fun. Now go git 'em!

  2. super T-REX!! Have a blast. I know there are several trail hawks running. Good luck to all!

  3. holy crikey. i can almost do one chin up. ALMOST. you're awesome.