Friday, March 4, 2011

Switchin' It Up

Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday and we had plans to go out to our local brewery for dinner and drinks.  Normally I run with the ladies for our scheduled group run on Thursdays, but it being Nick's birthday and all, I figured it would be impolite to make him wait until 8:30 to eat dinner. 

For some reason I was of the mindset that since I couldn't do the group run, I couldn't run at ALL.  On my way home from work I realized I had plenty of time to get in a run if I cut out travel time to the trail and the chit chatting that goes along with group runs.  I love chit chatting and trail running.  It just doesn't help on days when I'm operating on a schedule.

As a trail runner, the thought of running around the neighborhood doesn't come naturally.  But the more I though about it, the more I thought DUH, of course it would be awesome to do a short little run around the nearby KU campus with my man.  He probably wants to run in this 65 degree weather just as much as I do!  And we don't get to run together, just the two of us, very often.  So that was another plus.  I think he was equally surprised and cheery when I proposed the idea.  Sometimes seemingly intelligent people can be real dolts (both of us, not just him). 

Sometimes we all get into ruts.  We think things have to be a certain way.  I LOVE trails.  I do not love running on the road every day.  I wouldn't be happy running around campus every day (even though it would be good hill training).  But just the act of doing something different every once in a while can be refreshing.  And convenient!  So don't forget to switch things up every once in a while.

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  1. A good little road run can be fun for a change. I too drag myself out for some miles on the road sometimes and am almost always pleasantly surprised. There's something to be said for legging it out on a road where you aren't slowed by roots, sudden turns and uneven terrain.
    Good for you changing it up and getting it in!