Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Health: The Death of Interesting?

The past few days I've been thinking about how happy I am to be back to running, pain-free, mostly.  If you've been following my sob story over the past couple months you might know that I have had:
  1. a broken tailbone
  2. achilles tendonitis
  3. IT band syndrome, and
  4. I cry a lot?
Currently, my achilles tendons are just about all better.  My IT band feels good.  I've tested it up to 5 miles.  This being said, I'm not going to run the 50-miler this weekend (Rockin K) just because I had a couple good 5 milers after 3 weeks of pain.  In the absence of these pains, my body is now reminding me that I still have a broken tailbone.  There are a couple things that are irritating about this.  The first being that it feels about the same as it did 1 week after I injured it which was...2 months ago?  The second being that it doesn't hurt very much.  It hurts when I sit for a long time, like when I commute to work every day.  Or when I use a rowing machine.  So it's a long term nagging, but not debilitating injury.  Gosh, why couldn't I have something REALLY debilitating like a broken leg?  Ohhhh, I guess I'll stick with the tailbone after all.

So yes, aside from the tailbone, things are starting to look up!  This made me start pondering about what the heck I would write about once everything was all better.  Nobody wants to read, "I had a good run today," every day.  If I'm not telling my sob stories what will I talk about??  Well, I guess really good stories would be nice.  That assumes I have to be achieving new things.  But what new things do I have to achieve?  I've run 100 miles.  I don't want to run more than that.  I'm going to have to start being a LOT funnier if I can't come up with some real drama.

Luckily humans are highly evolved to be idiots.  So we spend our entire lifetimes learning and achieving new things!  Maybe it's because I was a late bloomer to this whole running thing, starting after college, but I'm still getting faster.  That's nice.  I'm also getting stronger, because I started working out with a personal trainer.  Now I realize I have so much more to learn and try.  I'm attempting my first mountain 100 in August.  Once I do that, I'll have to do another one, you know, to get good at it.

I don't see my learning and improvement process slowing down any time soon, but I am certainly terrified of a plateau.  I'm also sure that I have plenty more crappy runs in my future, as we all do.  So not to fear!  I may still have some intersting posts left in me.


  1. "Faster...stronger...learning...trying..." With that kind of addition to your training resume, the terror of the plateau has these with which to threaten you: a grade of yet unknown incline, and a huddle of friends, some yet unmet, to cheer your finish. Much confidence in you in both. Mom

  2. Broken tailbones aren't fun. Mine took a long time to heal and even now, I'll get twinges after sitting for long periods of time. Good luck with recovery.