Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Sense of Relief

I did it!  I completed my weekend run training plan!  Well, with the exception of that 10 miler I left out last weekend.  But that doesn't disappoint me much.  Now, you might ask, "Why this sense of relief and why the word 'complete'? You have almost two months left before Leadville silly!"  Well, in three weeks I will be running the Lunar Trek 100k, a very long training run in the form of a race.  So now I'm beginning to taper for that race.  Next weekend I'm going to CO and aside from a 10k I'll be doing with Nick's family and a couple new running friends, I don't have any solid plans to run that weekend.  We WILL be hiking Mt. Massive though, which I'm super excited about.  We'll see if I can make it up a 14er without hurling.  I've been wanting to hike Massive for a while.  You can just see the beast of a mountain from Nick's dad's living room window.  I took this picture while I was lying down on the couch after puking on an 4-wheel drive up Mt. Zion.  Tip for flatlanders: if you have just traveled from 900 to 10,000+ ft in 24 hours, do NOT go on a 4-wheeling trek up a mountain.

Anyway, I'm not DONE with long runs.  I'll probably do 2-3 more 20+ mile runs, but this was my longest training weekend, with the exception of Lunar Trek, of course.

Well since I jumped the gun, I guess I should recap my weekend in running.  Friday night I did a 30 mile run to celebrate my BUBF's (best ultra buddy forever) upcoming 30th birthday.  Friday night runs can be nice because you get your running done early on in the weekend and they don't eat into your Saturday.  I'm not really sure what I did Saturday.  But it definitely involved eating and napping.  

We started off with a 10.75 mile loop + mini loop of the Lawrence River Trails.  Recently, Art King and the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club added a 1.75 mile loop that shoots off the side of the current 9 mile loop.  The small loop conveniently spits you right back out onto the 9 mile loop very close to wear you left it.  Lots of folks joined us for this part: Amanda, Allie, Nicole, Chris, Constantine, Renee, Jim and a guy who works at Sunflower (don't know his name).  I probably missed someone.  I don't have the greatest memory.  

After the loop with the group, we (Sarah, Nick and I) continued on the levee.  Nicole and Chris joined us for a few miles before they turned back to satisfy their 16 mile goals.  Once we reached the end of the levee we turned onto the notorious ALEXANDER ROAD.  I have run Alexander Rd before.  It's probably been a year since I did this course with Debbie and Julie.  But either I didn't recall or the road had been regraded and it was EXTREMELY rocky.  The road apparently sees very little traffic.  I don't think we encountered a single vehicle along the two mile stretch.  Anyway, there were no gaps in the gravel where tire tracks would theoretically exist.  There was an even coating of gravel across the WHOLE road.  Great for vehicle traction I suppose.  Crappy for running on.

I enjoyed running Alexander nonetheless, because of the hills.  The levee is so flat and boring, I was just dying for some hills.  It also gave me the opportunity to do a little walking.  Before we knew it, we were taking the left onto 238th St.  This street apparently saw more traffic.  There were patches of road on both sides where the gravel had been pushed away.  We saw a few cars on this road.  They were all really nice and slowed down so they didn't kick up too much dust.  Very friendly!  

We were only on 238th for a mile before we turned onto Golden Rd.  In the country, the roads are conveniently space exactly one mile apart.  We speculated they designed them that way specifically for runner convenience.  Must be true.  Golden Rd was relatively flat which annoyed me a little.  I took a couple walk breaks along the way since there were no hills to force one.  We ran on Golden for a little over 2 miles before we turned back.  

On the way back, I mentioned how the miles didn't seem so long in the dark.  No sooner did I say that than I began to get VERY sleepy and the miles seemed forever apart.  Good one, Laurie.  Once we got back on 238th my stomach became rather unhappy so I had to stop for a bathroom break.  Things just seemed to slow down from this point.  I took a bathroom break, and Nick kept looking for water sources at all the houses along the way.  We were all sucking down water way fast.  If anything, as the night progressed it seemed to be getting hotter.  This made some sense as their was supposed to be a storm rolling in the next morning.  That old hot and cool air mixing thing I guess.

I "tried" to give Nick half the water from my pack but I managed to spill some on the ground in the process, which left me with not a whole lot of water.  We were ecstatic when we finally reached the levee, not really because we like running on the levee, but because it was the home stretch!  Less than 4 miles remained.  It seemed to go by quickly for a while, because we could see headlamps ahead.  We knew it was Gary and other Hawks who were doing an 11 o'clock-start run.

Once we chatted with them for a couple minutes we got going and the last three miles seemed pretty long to me.  I've been struggling with pain in my butt for a while.  I broke my tailbone back in February, which still bothers me when I sit for long periods of time.  But the pain I've been feeling lately when I run, seems to be coming from some place further up from where my tailbone was broken.  I think the pain is coming from my sacrum.  I can only assume I have some strange misalignment and the muscles that attach there are pulling funny.  Anyway, I was experiencing an intermittent stabbing pain in the butt, which was slowing me down.  I ran behind Sarah for a while until the pain subsided enough that I could run faster.  I think we both picked up the pace quite a bit when we finally hit the last mile.  Once you start seeing back yards again, you know it's the home stretch!

Well we finished right on time, because we were all out of water.  Nick went to grab some water from a house nearby, while Sarah and I…I don't remember…I was probably checking twitter.  I didn't feel too bad except for my quads being toast.  Just before the run I did a workout with my trainer.  She had me doing squats, squat jumps and lunges.  Thankfully she only made me do 2 sets instead of the originally planned 3.  I think one more would have done me in.

After a fitful night's sleep and Saturday morning and afternoon coming and going, I decided to complete my scheduled 15 miler on Sunday as I had originally planned it.  I just wasn't ready to get back out there Saturday night.  Plus I wanted a glass of wine.  After much deliberation, I decided on a road course *gasp*, which would fit in with my Sunday Smash session and allow me to finish running before it got too hot.  I would run from our house in Old West Lawrence, which is actually nowhere near the west side of town (hence the "Old"), to Clinton Lake.  From Clinton Lake I would run to Dad Perry Park, which was the meeting spot for our Sunday Smash - a high intensity 30 minute group workout.  And then from Smash I would run back home.  

It worked out pretty well.  I knew the course was going to be really hilly because I drive it all the time and when I see people running the hills I think "That must SUCK!"  It actually wasn't TOO terrible.  I think the worst hills were: going up Bob Billings toward Kasold (I was actually weezing) and the last hill up Clinton Parkway before I got to the lake.  I arrived at the lake at the perfect time!  I had to go to the bathroom and whatdya know, THERE'S a bathroom.  But don't think I'm starting to get too civilized now that I've used an actual bathroom.  This road running stuff just requires a little more decorum.  

I finally made it back to where we'd be doing Smash, AFTER I went to the wrong side of the park.  And oddly enough, despite the fact that our workout included running back and forth and doing split squats, my quads actually felt a little better after I finished.  The last three miles breezed by.  It was nice to be running through older neighborhoods with tall trees and some decent shade.  So that's it!  I'm done running for the weekend!

When I got back I watched the live feed of the Western States finish line in hopes of seeing my friends Coleen and Danny finish.  Unfortunately, the feed cut out write before Danny crossed!  And it was out for Coleen's finish too.  But it turns out video was captured of their finish and we got to see it anyway, just not LIVE.  :(  Now I'm thinking of trying to get in next year, but I'm not sure yet.  Nick will probably try for the lottery too.  He actually got in last year but couldn't go because he had to have back surgery.  It was a major bummer.  And if by some freak chance I got in and he didn't, I would feel terrible!  But it would be really cool if we BOTH got in.

So if you didn't tune out after the first or second bathroom break, I have something MUCH more important to go on about.  My good friend Elizabeth is running the New York City Marathon to raise money for Alzheimer's.  This means a ton to her, and to me too.  I don't have any loved ones with Alzheimer's, but Elizabeth is a great friend and it affects her family directly, so I want to see her efforts succeed!  You can follow her marathon training and her reflections on how Alzheimer's had affected her family.  You won't be disappointed.  She's an excellent writer!  And if you feel so inclined you can donate to her efforts to raise money for Alzheimer's research.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Fell Off the Wagon and I'm Moving On

Last week was definitely an off week for training and life in general.  I only totalled 40 miles for the week, which was about 20 miles less than I was planning on.  This was the first week I didn't even execute to my "weekend plan" which was a 30 miler on Saturday and a 10 on Sunday.  I got the 30 in on Saturday but it wasn't in a single run.  I think we've had a thunderstorm with torrential rain every frakkin day since Friday.  I love thunderstorms but they are not good for trail running!

So instead of doing our planned 30 miler on the trails at Clinton Lake, Nick and I set out for 20 miles on the levee.  Ughhhh.  The levee is a levee.  And there is a fine crushed gravel trail that goes along the top.  It is perfectly flat.  It is a little over 10 miles long.  There is shade along MAYBE a half mile of it, depending on the time of day.  Before Saturday, I actually had no idea how long it was toward the west, so we decided to run west.  It was only 6 miles that way, which was disappointing.  We had to run back and do the east wing of the trail too.  Now the run wasn't ALL bad.  The weather was actually fairly decent.  It didn't get too hot, and since the trail is so dang flat, we finished the 20 way faster that we normally would on a trail. 

After we had our traditional post run brunch at Mirth, I took a nap.  Duh!  If it weren't for work, I would nap every day.  We set out to do our final 10 miles at around 5 so we would finish up at dinner time.  Because of the aforementioned rain, we ran on the only dry trail in town.  The Lawrence River Trail dries particularly quickly.  At least parts of it.  Keyword is parts.  Soooo we ended up doing two, 5-mile loops.  I run on this trail so much, I'm starting to get a little sick of the 5-mile loop.  We ended up averaging 10-minute miles overall.  Nick pushed our pace a little on the first loop so I said I was leading the second loop and backed off a bit on the speed.  Overall, we ended up running 30 miles in about 5 hours.  I have never run 30 miles anywhere close to that fast.  I've actually only run 30 miles under 6 hours once.

Soooo I shouldn't have been surprised that my legs were incredibly crampy that evening and all day Sunday.  Probably should have treated myself to an ice bath.  Well I didn't end up doing the 10 on Sunday.  Shame on me.  But I just could NOT convince myself to do another 2-loop trek of the river trails or another run on the levee.  Well it's a new week, and while I haven't "zapped the zero" yet (Dailymiile speak), I am determined to rock the heck out of this week.  Next week marks the beginning of my taper for Lunar Trek 100k.

In other news, I'm moving to CO in August.  I am announcing it to the world.  Most everybody knows anyway.  I spend a lot of time complaining about the weather and running conditions in KS, but I am sure I will miss it when I move.  So far, Nick and I could only pinpoint that we would really miss fireflies though.  Maybe I will miss the large number of deciduous trees?  I will miss the drive through the beautiful Flint Hills, but I'm sure we will be visiting KS quite frequently so we'll see them about as often as we do now.  It goes without saying that we will miss all of our dear friends.  I've lived in KS for almost 20 years, so it will be a huge change for me.  Believe it or not, I've historically been a bit shy and antisocial, but I've made so many great friends just over the past four years since I got involved in the trail running community.  You've all made me feel loved and welcome.  We encourage all of you to move out to CO so we can run in the mountains together!  Or at the very least, come visit.  You have a place to stay.

P.S.  No, that's not Nick on the wagon.
P.P.S.  Did I mention I will miss my parents?!  You didn't think I would forget you, did you mom?  They're pretty awesome.  Nobody can do a Donald Duck impersonation like my dad and I'm pretty sure my mom's full time job is trying to fatten me up.  She is the dessert queen.  I might waste away in CO.  No, that is not an invitation to mail me cakes!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekdays are Lame

I'm calling it quits already.  After two weeks of an adjusted schedule which would allow me to run in the morning (I've still only run 2 mornings), I am 100% sure I don't like it.  It's not the running that's the killer though.  My number one reason for quitting cold turkey is the *expletive expletive expletive* traffic.  I commute from Lawrence to KC.  Now the first day or two, I was pleasantly surprised that the traffic in KC was not TERRIBLE at 4pm.  However, I discovered after two weeks that about 75% of the days, some jack*** gets in a *expletive expletive expletive* accident.  This turns the reasonable amount of traffic into...something that makes me curse nonstop for 20 minutes.  I talk to the traffic like we're on a soccer team together: "Come on guys!!! Get it together!"  So in the interest of my health and sanity, I will go back to my early morning commute.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I'll be the first one to tell you that I'm not the best when it comes to executing plans.  Oh sure I can plan plan plan, but when things get tough, I'm quick to bail.  Take, for example, my two morning runs in two weeks.  I wasn't really planning to run EVERY morning, but I was certainly planning to run more than one morning per week.  Well enough about my weekday runs.  We all know I fail at those.

A few weeks ago, I decided to plan out my weekend (long) run schedule leading up to Lunar Trek 100k.  It's easy to say, ohhhh there is PLENTY of time before that race. think about other commitments you have.  I was pleased when I saw that I had a whole month of no travel or other big events.  This is what I came up with for a plan:

June 4/5         10/20
June 11/12     25/10
June 18/19     30/10
June 25/26     30/15

I was successful last weekend.  It always helps to start things off with a success.  Instead of doing a single 20 mile run last Sunday, I split it up into two 10 milers.  This is an acceptable approach to me sometimes, but I definitely like to have some continuous long runs to really simulate the kind of fatigue that's experienced in an ultra. 

This weekend's scheduled miles made me a little nervous.  Not because I was afraid I couldn't physically do them, but because it was just going to be a busy weekend.  Saturday we were having a Trail Hawks officer meeting, which wouldn't end up taking TOO much time.  But Sunday our group would be volunteering at the Kansas Ironman.  The name of the race is actually much longer and it starts with K-Swiss, but the order of words didn't make much sense to me so I couldn't remember.  It definitely involved "K-Swiss", "70.3", "Kansas" and "Ironman".

Saturday was actually rougher than I thought it would be.  The 20 mile run in the morning felt great!  I ran with Nick, Coleen and Levi on the Clinton Lake North Shore Trails.  It felt just like old times.  We used to have a big group that got together every Saturday morning to do long runs at the lake.  It was fun to relive those times, now that I'm finally in good running shape.  We ran pretty consistently and kept up a good pace the whole time.  Levi turned back a little earlier to get in about 15, I think.  Nick ran ahead the last few miles while Coleen and I kept chugging along at our long distance pace.  The weather was just gorgeous.  It was cool and we didn't get any of the forecasted thunderstorms. 

One of the most "memorable" parts of the run was running into a dead something-or-other on the trail.  We don't usually see dead animals smack dab in the middle of the trail, so this was a real treat.  The only sort-of recognizable part of the creature was its head.  The entire body appeared to be a pool of rancid goo.  So there was a lot of screaming and holding my breath involved.  I even managed to totally forget about it on the way back and did the screaming part all over again.  Sorry, no pics on this run.  Disappointing, I know.

After the run, we ate some watermelon and stopped by our friend's moving sale and eventually ended up at the officer's meeting - at Chipotle!  I think I filled up too much on burrito bowl because I don't think I drank nearly enough water.  I took a little cat nap when we were done and upon waking up, I felt like a zombie.  I was just beat.  My legs felt ok but I was just exhausted in general.  But I was a zombie determined to run FIVE MORE MILES!  Because that's what my schedule said I was gonna do.  Zombie Laurie did not realize she was still full of burrito bowl, even 4 hours after eating it.  Zombie Laurie don't care.  Zombie Laurie has to run 5 miles.  I convinced Nick to come with me.

My first steps on the trail told me that I was still crammed full of rice and guac.  Ah crap, this was gonna be a tough one.  I wasn't completely sure I would get through this run without something coming out of somewhere.  So I waddled along in front as Nick and Allie (who we ran into by coincidence) obliged my slothy pace.  At some point after the turnaround for our 5 miler, I let Nick and Allie run on ahead and kept chugging along on my own.  Oddly enough, I think this was the hardest run I did all weekend.

When I woke up the next morning to get ready for volunteering at the Ironman, I still felt like crap and had a headache.  I was still dehydrated from the day before!  So I guzzled some water and headed out with my camp chair and cowbell.  One of our members, Chris Wristen, took a bunch of awesome photos during the race.  I can't take any credit for these, except for the ones with beer.

We met up at our usual Clinton Lake meeting place for runs, then carpooled into the park.  We had to park almost a mile away from our aid station and walk in.  Not too bad since the aid station supplies were already dropped off at the station.  We spent an hour or so getting things ready: putting up tents, cutting up food, etc.  I was assigned the duty of directing people at the turnaround.  The turnaround had a sign that said "turn around", but ya know, never underestimate a tired person's ability to not read or pay attention to cones.  I was pretty happy with my assignment because it meant I would be able to ring my cowbell all day!

I also got a close up view of all the pro hotties! I was jealous of the folks handing out water at the aid station though. The pros might have even sweated on them!  I did feel kind of dumb ringing my cowbell and cheering for the pros though.  For one thing, they were spaced pretty far apart and for another thing, someone who runs a 5:30 for 13.1 miles probably doesn't give a CRAP if I say "good job" or not.  The only pro who actually smiled at me was Chrissie Wellington.  She was a doll.

Hotties In Action

The real fun started when the middle pack started coming through.  It was an endless stream of runners.  It was fun.  These folks actually smiled when I cheered and said thanks.  The day started out cool and it even sprinkled for a bit, but by afternoon it was warm and sunny.  The forecast was full of it again!  I didn't put on sunblock because I thought it was going to rain all day.  Great, all I need is another ridiculous looking sunburn.  Well altogether, it was just an amazing day.  It was so much fun to cheer the athletes on and help out.  Our aid station definitely rocked.  As a wonderful end to our day, some racers offered us all beer! I'm not usually a beer drinker, but they were so nice I couldn't decline. I ended up drinking half my beer on our walk back to the cars before I called it quits and had to pour it out. Shhhhhh.

We ended up getting done an hour or so later than I expected (4:30?), so the prospects of doing my 10 mile run were seeming pretty slim. I technically had time, but I was tired. And I hadn't spent any time with Nick that day.

So the obvious choice was to call off my 10 miler plans and go home to relax with my man.  I had spent all day eating cupcakes, granola and pulled pork.  Instead, on my drive home I became more and more determined to run.  I walked in the door, put my stuff down and asked Nick if he wanted to do a full loop of the River Trails (9 miles).  He said "ok" with very little eagerness. 

I wasn't super pumped by the time we got to the trail but I was determined to do this run.  The more I ran, the more excited I got though.  I was setting a brisk pace.  I wanted to finish this run ASAP to end my weekend right and have time to eat dinner and chill on the couch.  The first four miles, I felt like I was flying.  I managed about an 8:30 pace.  The next three miles I had to push myself to keep up the pace.  We wound through parts of the trail that had been flooded by the river the previous week.  There was debris all over the place and the short rolling hills were taking a toll.  I was frustrated when I kept looking down at my watch to find I was running 9-minute miles.  The last two, my legs were tired, so I decided that I would just take it easy instead of working my butt off for the 9's...and did 10's.

Well, I was just really pleased with this weekend.  I managed to get all-but-one of my miles in despite a busy schedule.  And I managed to pull off a tempo run the day after a long run despite beer, cupcakes and cowbell exhaustion.  You didn't know that was a thing did you?  Seriously, my shoulder did not feel good after playing the cowbell all day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Difference

Today I ran my second, potentially ever, pre-work run.  A few months ago, I wanted to try running in the morning, but I did not want to change my work/training schedule.  I normally get up at 5am for work, so I set my alarm for 4am.  Short story short, I NEVER got up at 4am. 

Last month, I decided I would try again, but this time I would rearrange my schedule.  I couldn't just start going into work later all willy nilly.  I had to push my personal training sessions back too.  What has happened to my life?  I used to just do whatever I wanted and still have time to spare.  Alas, the life of an ultra runner is busy and AWESOME.

I was going to start my morning runs last week, which I did.  Sort of.  I ran one morning last week and have run one morning this week.  I had lots of excuses for not running the rest of the days.  Some were good and some were not.  For some reason, I have a difficult time getting motivated to get out of bed and go running on a week day morning.  But why?

I'm used to getting up at 5am for work, and all I had to do was get up at 5am and run instead.  Sometimes I even get up at 4 or 4:30 on a weekend to get in a long run before it gets too hot.  And I actually look FORWARD to those runs.  What is wrong with my crazy head?  The best explanation I have is...expectations.  On the weekend, it's the weekend.  Once I'm done with my run, I go out for brunch, sometimes take a nap and usually get to do whatever I want for the rest of the day.  On the weekday, what do I have to look forward to?  Work, no brunch on the patio and NO nap.  I really like sleeping ok?  You are correct in surmising that I don't have children.

Not sure what will cure me of my weekday morning dread besides repetition, and maybe having a good run for once.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Weekend in Photos


I started off at 7:30 Saturday morning with my spider webbing stick, of course.  That's right.  A stick.  For knocking down spider webs, so I don't cry all the way down the trail.  I ran with it for a couple miles before I realized that runners had been through and there weren't many webs left.

Tree down.  Managed to make it under without going off the trail.  I try to avoid going off the trail at Clinton.  It's tick central.

Snail!  Can you tell I was slacking yet?  I promise I did some running.

Something really disgusting growing on a tree.  No idea what it was.  Looked like there was a cocoon stuck to it though.

Pretty trees!

This little puddle was a chest deep water crossing last May when I ran the Hawk 50.

 This trail used to go somewhere.  Now it just goes into the lake.  There's been quite a bit of erosion on the north shore of Clinton.

Went to eat at our favorite breakfast place.  Juko gets some good pets from daddy.

 Roxy poses for me.  What a pretty face!

A baby bunny on my way downtown.


Run #1.  Ran at the River Trails.  The poison ivy is INTENSE out there!  So is Nick's beard.  Never came home with a tick from the river though.

Snake!  Sorry didn't get a shot of his/her whole body.  He was shy.  Also, I saw a LIVE mole for the first time, but he burrowed into the ground before I could get a pic.  He was a cutie.

Second run.  Snake skin.  Always something interesting to see.  That's why trail running rocks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Do What You Love With the One You Love

It's no secret that Nick and I both love running, trail running, ultra running, hiking, pretty much anything we can do outside with our legs.  I also love all the fun places our hobbies take us.  I love our road trips to races in Arkansas or the Flint Hills of Kansas.  I sometimes say that I want to go on a vacation that doesn't involve racing, but if it weren't for the races, we might never go visit those awesome places.

Just like any couple, we have our rough spots from time to time.  And when I think about the circumstances surrounding the difficult times, it usually comes down to one or both of us NOT being able to do what we love. 

I was in grad school and working part time for two years of our relationship, which caused me to cut way back on my running and almost eliminate all ultra running.  I could get pretty grumpy with all the stress and all the NOT running.  On top of that, I found myself becoming extremely jealous of and resentful that Nick was still running ultras, running his first 100's, while I sat on the sidelines handing off water bottles and salt caps.  Hey, I'm not proud, but I'm not perfect.  All I can do is recognize I have flaws and work on minimizing my b****iness.

Last summer, after months of butt and leg pain, Nick found out that he had to have surgery to remove some broken off chunks from one of his discs (the back kind).  He was in a lot of pain for the month or two leading up to the surgery.  Pretty much everything was uncomfortable for him.  And of course he could not run.  There was nothing I could do to make it better.  No going for walks, no hiking trips.  Even sitting at a restaurant was out.  He was nice enough to volunteer at my first 50 miler for 13 hours while I ran.  I imagine he felt some of the same jealousy that I did during his races.

But now I'm all done with school.  I'm still not sure the stress was worth the diploma.  And Nick is all healed up.  And we're back to running races together!  This is our golden age of running happiness.  Hopefully it lasts for a long long time.  So the moral of the story is, try your hardest to do what you love with the one you love.  And if one of you can't do what you love, be understanding when the one you love is a total pain in the butt.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Serious

I've come out of Jemez Mountain feeling mostly warm and fuzzy about Leadville.  I made it up climbs that were steeper than the steepest climbs at Leadville.  Go me!  My last four runs have been hill workouts, two of them in Colorado.  I'm feeling strong, but something is definitely nagging me.

The biggest naggy thing is the elevation of Leadville - 10,200ft in town.  12,500? at Hope Pass.  I'm planning on going out to Leadville at least a week before the race and that's pretty much my plan for dealing with altitude.  I suffered from altitude sickness at Jemez and that race was several thousand feet lower.  Ugh.  So that's probably my biggest worry.  My other attempt to deal with this is heat training.  Yesterday I ran my campus hill repeats when it was 90+ degrees.  I felt like I was back in CO.  It was hard to breathe and I felt like barfing.  All good signs!  So I will probably keep doing that too.

The other thing I need to focus on is logging those miles.  This ain't no 50k.  So I need to start taking it seriously.  No more of this 20-30 mile/week crap.  There are only 80 days left until race day!  I need to do some good long runs.  I've also started running in the mornings, so some weekdays I will do two runs.  The Lunar Trek 100k (July 15th) will serve as my last LONG run before I start tapering.  I'm pretty excited about that one.  At least the running-with-friends-at-night part.  The race starts at 9pm, so at some point the sun will come up and I will remember it's July.  And I won't be happy about it.

Well that's what's on my mind now. Nothing interesting or funny.  So sorry.  I'll work on it a little and get back to you.