Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Weekend in Photos


I started off at 7:30 Saturday morning with my spider webbing stick, of course.  That's right.  A stick.  For knocking down spider webs, so I don't cry all the way down the trail.  I ran with it for a couple miles before I realized that runners had been through and there weren't many webs left.

Tree down.  Managed to make it under without going off the trail.  I try to avoid going off the trail at Clinton.  It's tick central.

Snail!  Can you tell I was slacking yet?  I promise I did some running.

Something really disgusting growing on a tree.  No idea what it was.  Looked like there was a cocoon stuck to it though.

Pretty trees!

This little puddle was a chest deep water crossing last May when I ran the Hawk 50.

 This trail used to go somewhere.  Now it just goes into the lake.  There's been quite a bit of erosion on the north shore of Clinton.

Went to eat at our favorite breakfast place.  Juko gets some good pets from daddy.

 Roxy poses for me.  What a pretty face!

A baby bunny on my way downtown.


Run #1.  Ran at the River Trails.  The poison ivy is INTENSE out there!  So is Nick's beard.  Never came home with a tick from the river though.

Snake!  Sorry didn't get a shot of his/her whole body.  He was shy.  Also, I saw a LIVE mole for the first time, but he burrowed into the ground before I could get a pic.  He was a cutie.

Second run.  Snake skin.  Always something interesting to see.  That's why trail running rocks.


  1. What??? No drunk coconut bra pictures? Disappointed!

  2. A stick, huh? When I want to avoid the spider webs between our front door and the car, I just send your Dad on ahead. If I have to go by myself, I don't cry, but I do leave the Third Commandment in pretty rough shape. Bad Mommy.
    !*#@&% spider webs!

  3. Ha! Spider Stick! My husband always carries one. Probably because I make him lead.

    Awesome photos!

  4. Great pictures! I always mean to bring my camera with me and never do.