Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekdays are Lame

I'm calling it quits already.  After two weeks of an adjusted schedule which would allow me to run in the morning (I've still only run 2 mornings), I am 100% sure I don't like it.  It's not the running that's the killer though.  My number one reason for quitting cold turkey is the *expletive expletive expletive* traffic.  I commute from Lawrence to KC.  Now the first day or two, I was pleasantly surprised that the traffic in KC was not TERRIBLE at 4pm.  However, I discovered after two weeks that about 75% of the days, some jack*** gets in a *expletive expletive expletive* accident.  This turns the reasonable amount of traffic into...something that makes me curse nonstop for 20 minutes.  I talk to the traffic like we're on a soccer team together: "Come on guys!!! Get it together!"  So in the interest of my health and sanity, I will go back to my early morning commute.

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