Monday, September 19, 2011

Things I'd Like to Do

Now that I've gotten over my usual month or so of "I never want to run another ultra," I've started thinking about my race calendar again. Of COURSE I want to run more ultras! Well this is my theoretical to-do list for the next 6 months or so.

  1. One or more of the Front Range Fat Ass series. There's a marathon-ish in Boulder in October, a 50k in Ft. Collins in December and another 50k in Colorado Springs in January. I definitely want to do the one in Ft. Collins.
  2. Sign up for Western States 100 lottery in November. Watching all the coverage this past year made me really excited to try this one out sometime. A lot of people who get into the race decide to try for the Grand Slam, because it's so challenging to get into WS100. I'm not sure if I wanna try that. Four hundreds in four months. Eeeek. 
  3. Nick's dad told me about a 20-mile snowshoe race at Turquoise Lake in Leadville. I'm not sure about the date though. Sometime in the winter. I think this would be excellent ultra training. In my experience, it can be difficult to train for ultras in the winter depending on the amount of snow cover on trails. A 6-hr snowshoe trek should to the trick.
  4. Rocky Raccoon 100, February, Texas. I'd really like to run a faster, easy-ish 100. And this is the place to do it. It's in Texas, pretty flat, and pretty warm in February. The down sides are…it's a 5-loop course which can be boring and I'd have to train through the winter which can be hard, as mentioned above.
  5. 3 Days of Syllamo, March, Arkansas. Well I actually forgot this race was in March and not April. Hmmm. Wanted to go out here and redeem myself this year. It's a 3-day stage race: 50k, 50mi, and 20k. I ended up injuring myself at the 50k this year, so I didn't run the 50mi the second day. I ran the 20k on the third day, but it was a bad idea and very painful. So I guess I might have to choose between RR100 and 3 Days. 
Well that's what I'm thinking about right now. If I get into WS100, it'll be end of June. No decision on whether I'll run Leadville again next year. Perhaps. Would be nice to get the big, sub 25-hr buckle.


  1. Totally down with you doing 3 days again.. that means I will get to SEE you! I was thinking I would shoot for Rocky again this year but I'm hearing that this is supposed to be the wettest winter in years... training might be total shit. And if you get into WS and need crew/pacer........

  2. Laurie, that snowshoe race in Leadville hasn't happened in the last few years due to lack of volunteers and such. Ryan Herzog and I were talking about maybe doing it fat ass style. Otherwise, there's a pretty cool race near Nederland around the same time. We'll have to discuss...

  3. Not sure if that snow shoe race is going on anymore. I know it was cancelled this year. Not sure what the deal is but I'd definitely do it if they put it on again. And I know the Ryans would too.

  4. this is an awesome list. 400 in 4 months? i bow down to you.

  5. Well that's a bummer! I'd be up for a fat ass snowshoe. Or whatever.

  6. Put June's San Juan Solstice on the list, if you don't get into WS. And, be sure to make your way over here to Evergreen for a run up Bergen Peak at Elk Meadow Open Space.