Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week Summary: 1/30-2/5/12

Day            Distance (mi)/Elevation Gain (ft)
Monday      slacked
Tuesday      AM 4.3/300
                    PM  7.7/2100
Wedneday   7.4/600
Thursday     13.1/1600
Friday          tired
Saturday      6.2/1000
Sunday        ate too much cheese

Totals: 38.7/5600

Did a little shoveling Friday.

  • Ran all the way up Green Mountain without stopping for the first time on Hill Tuesday (1.25mi/720ft).
  • Was able to run more (fewer walk breaks) at Buffalo Creek than I have before.
  • Got in a nice 13 miler before the snow blew in.
  • After the first hill at Green Mountain, I mostly walked the rest.
  • Didn't get my long run in this weekend because of the snowpocalypse.
Take Away

I've been pretty spoiled with the weather so far this winter, so this week's snow storm came as a big surprise to my training schedule. As a trail runner I have a hard time thinking of doing anything but trail running, but I've had to reevaluate my plans lately. I'll be augmenting my training with some city miles. I think it's pretty unlikely that I'll be able to pull off a 20-30 mile training run in the mountains within the next week or two. So that's that. We'll see what I can do with next week.

At the bottom of Buck Gulch Trail (Buffalo Creek) with the pups. Time to snowshoe.

Heading up Buck Gulch. Nice snowshoeing conditions. Not as much
snow as at the house but would still be a pain to run in.

P.S. Retrying this format with the weekly summaries. Will still write race reports and post on any special topics that come up, but I'm hoping this keeps me regular. Like metamucil for my blog.

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