Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Summary: 2/13-2/19/12

Day            Distance (mi)/Elevation Gain (ft)

Monday       meh
Tuesday       4.3/300
Wednesday  meh
Thursday     family
Friday          4.3/300
Saturday      29.3/500
Sunday        meh

Totals: 37.9/1100

Good Things
  • Got in a long run!
  • Skipped hills to have dinner with my sweetie.
Less Good Things (but not necessarily bad)
  • Was not particularly motivated to run most of the week, as is evident from my whopping 3 runs.
  • Negligible climbing.
  • Long run was slower/shorter than I wanted.
  • Skipped hills to eat buttery food with my sweetie??
Embarrassing Things
  • I got too hot on my long run so ended up shedding my tights and running down the road in my bun huggers.
I felt pretty indifferent toward running last week. Was initially shooting for a 50-mi week. I guess some people (including me sometimes) would be disappointed by being off by 12 miles, but I was pleased that I  still had the motivation to tackle the long run! I WAS ever so slightly disappointed in my long run, as I was hoping to complete 30 miles at a 10min/mi pace, but without my Garmin I just ran out 2.5 hours then turned around thinking this would work. But I ended up with only 29.3mi in 5 hours and 5 minutes. ALAS! A 10:24 pace! I'm not sure why it bothers me. Still faster than I've ever run almost 30 miles. But I kept thinking about how it was only a few miles longer than a marathon, and I was running on a flat road, so why am I not running faster?? Anyway, I've never even run a road marathon, nor do I intend to, so why the freak do I even care? 

Well, sneak peak for this week…I think I've sloughed off the indifference. I'm back to tackling the hills. 

The bun huggers are slightly less embarrassing 
when I'm standing still.


  1. girl! those KU colorsssssss! that picture of you && nick is too cute!

    & uhmmmm...30 miles.. DANG... we can still be friends right? cause uhm, i still have yet to do a training run over 24....

  2. Ummm yeah! I'm sure you're far surpassing me in the speediness right now. I'm just getting those miles on my legs for my 3 day race in a few weeks. You will be there soon too!

  3. pretty sure the 30miler made up for it :) You guys are so cute!

  4. Wow you clean up niiiice! :)
    Great week of running.