Saturday, March 17, 2012

3 Days of Syllamo: Day 2

I got about half way through my race report before realizing it was way too long. I was boring MYSELF. so I decided to go with this bulleted list approach. Each section describes the race up to and including the specified aid station. If you are disgusted by poop talk, you probably shouldn't read the last couple sections.

Aid Station 1 (5mi)
  • First mile was peppy. Rest of miles, not peppy.
  • Hungry. Annoyed at being so hungry.
  • Chilly.
Aid Station 2 (9.5mi)
  • Tired.
  • Hungry.
  • Technical, slippery, rocky downhill sections.
Aid Station 3 (unmanned, 14.3mi)
  • Got passed a lot.
  • Tired.
  • Hungry.
  • Lots of little streams/waterfalls. Up. Down. Up. Down. Must have been 5 or 6.
Aid Station 4 (18.4mi)
  • Feeling peppy again!
  • Feet starting to hurt after water crossing. The friction begins.
  • Change socks at aid station.
  • Forget to apply sunblock.
  • Passed chick who previously passed me.
Aid Station 5 (22.6mi)
  • Feeling good.
  • Caught up to Larry and Brian.
  • Chafed due to overfilled/leaking pack.
  • Fun climbs. Did some fast hiking.
  • Dried out and stopped chafing.
  • Got to see crew. They found some sunblock for me.
  • Devoured oranges and guzzled coke.
  • Skedaddled to keep my lead on chick who passed me earlier.
Turnaround (Monkey Sam, 25mi)
  • Was hoping to catch up to Deb but found out she was about 1.5 miles ahead of me.
  • Found Monkey Sam, the sign to turn around. I'm not sure who Monkey Sam was but he said to turn around.
  • Very excited.
  • Determined to negative split.
Aid Station 6 (27.4)
  • Found out Sarah had gotten off course and was a couple miles behind me. Poor Sarah. :(
  • Gained a new competitor in red shirt guy.
  • Picked up socks at the aid station for later.
  • More oranges and coke!
  • Red shirt guy picks up a pacer.
Aid Station 7 (31.6mi)
  • Feeling good!
  • Can't find the trail for a minute. Red shirt catches up.
  • Lots of downhill helps with speed.
Aid Station 8 (unmanned, 35.7mi)
  • Red shirt guy closing in.
  • Slowing way down on technical sections. Waterfalls/big rocks.
  • Walking slower on uphills.
  • Lots of rocks.
  • Feet hurting.
  • Was going to change socks after bit water crossing but realize that was dumb with wet shoes.
Aid Station 9 (40.5mi)
  • Red shirt passes. 
  • I'm gassy.
  • I just want to be done.
  • Tired of super sweet Honey Stinger gels.
  • Section seems WAY longer than reported. 4.8mi takes 2 HOURS?! I WAS doing some running.
  • Great to see crew! 
  • Change socks.
  • Drink coke.
  • RD, Steve, says I'm looking great, but I'm SO tired!
Aid Station 10 (45mi)
  • Glad to be back down by the river. Cooler temps.
  • Get back ahead of red shirt.
  • Feeling better.
  • Not sure if I need to go to the bathroom.
  • 5 seconds later I definitely have to go to the bathroom. Luckily, I'm at the aid station!
  • Use the bathroom. Walk out of bathroom. Run back into bathroom. Finally done.
Finish (50mi)
  • Pumped to be on the home stretch. 
  • Determined to run the whole way.
  • Decide to walk part of the first hill.
  • Think: Only really fast marathoners poop their pants. Ultrarunners go too slow to have to poop their pants.
  • Happens: Uhhhh, I think I just pooped my pants.
  • Red shirt is getting closer.
  • Competitive spirit dictates that I not stop running.
  • Reach into pack, pull out tp and clean up without stopping.
  • Red shirt closes in as we go up a hill. Gives shouts of encouragement. He's running. I'm walking.
  • Oh damn. Red shirt doesn't know I only have 2 hill speeds at this point. Walking slow and running like a madwoman.
  • Drop red shirt.
  • Drop other guy who passed me earlier.
  • Determined to not put on headlamp.
  • Finish without headlamp in 12:24.
  • Do not negative split, but only 4 minutes slower than first half. 
  • Meh.
  • Feet hurt.
This was actually my Day 1, 50k finish. So much pep in my step! Photo by Travis Liles.
Right after 50mi turnaround. Lots of step pep! Photo by Susan Donnelly.
40 miles in. No pep. Photo by Nicole Green.

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