Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Summary: 2/27-3/4/11

Distance (mi)
snow weenie
party prep
party prep
solo time
Elevation Gain (ft)
Green Mountain
Green Mountain

Green Mountain. The trail goes up between the two big mounds.


  • I got up Green Mountain a couple times?
  • At least I didn't run too much during taper.

Looking west from the top of Green Mountain.

  • I meant to go up Green Mountain more than 2 times. And in one day.
  • I dropped out of hill repeats early on Tuesday due to intense, cold wind. I could hardly breathe.
  • I tried again for hills on Wednesday but forgot to bring water so I felt dehydrated and crappy. Fail.
  • I didn't mean to taper QUITE this much.

Looking north from the top of Green Mountain.


I was a little disappointed in the extreme taper that was this week. I was thinking I'd be running more like 20-30 miles. But things just didn't work out for me early in the week, then I was busy getting everything ready for Nick's 30th birthday party, which was great fun! But ah well, I don't think it'll affect my race much this coming weekend. I'll get in a few short runs this next week then rest for a couple days so my lungs and legs will be ready for a 93 mile weekend.

Sunday was a gorgeous day and I had plenty of time to go for a run after dropping the Nickster off at the airport, but I decided to stay home to enjoy the peace and quiet of the house. By the way, I LOVE spending time with my boyfriend, but I also enjoy some alone time for a day now and then. The dogs went with Nick's mom, so it was just me and the kitties. There was a lot of reading and snuggling with the little ones. It was definitely much quieter without the pups, but I'm sure I'll be missing them in no time. It is definitely weird to come home with no creatures running to the door to noisily greet me. No, the cats don't run to see me when I get home…unless it's dinner time.

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