Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rockin K Pics n More

 I was in full-on race mode and took ZERO pictures during the race, so I stole these from my good friend, Chris - a sports journalist for many years. So you know they're good! You will notice the landscape is quite varied and is not always what one would expect to see in Kansas. Rockin K boasts vistas from wide open prairie to sandy canyons. The only thing that you can consistently rely on is very little cover.
Early in the race. There I am in pink shorts.

One of many water crossings. Phil really only counts the ones
that are waist deep as crossings though.
Fun short climb. I think the guy on top in red is Dan from Juneau!

One of the rare, treed sections. I might
have been going faster than I thought.
That's a pretty intense stride.
What you expect to see in Kansas.

Now this is true Kansas style. A barbed wire crossing.
Thanks for the blanket Phil!

Somewhere in that sandy section. Obviously I've been
paying a lot of attention for  4 years.

View from atop a bluff on, you guessed it, Big Bluff Loop. 
And you didn't think there were any good climbs in KS.
Big Bluff Loop.

Co-RD Stacy Sheridan (aka ultra mom) and
picture taker extraordinaire, Chris.

What are the odds? You know you're best friends when
you all show up to the same race wearing the same shoes.
(We didn't race in these.) Oh and Debbie took this picture, not Chris.

And finally, you can check out some nice video that Chris shot during the race. He really does it all doesn't he?!

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  1. It's true, Kansas can be beautiful.

    I think the hills STILL surprise me, even having grown up there.

    The thing I love most about the east coast? The trees.