Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekly Summaries: 4/9-4/22/12


Distance (mi)
Elevation Gain (ft)

So I crammed two training weeks together which should explain the funkiness of this table. Last week I did some hiking with my mom since she was in town for a visit. Here's a key of abbreviations! I know. This post just keeps getting more exciting.

R - running
W- walking
neg - negligible
FJ - Flying J Ranch
PVR - Pine Valley Ranch
MtF - Mount Falcon
RR- Red Rocks
RP - Reynold's Park

You can see that my training has been very light the last couple weeks. My first couple runs after Rockin K made me feel like I could take over the world! I had a post-race high, thinking about going back to race next year with a whole extra year of mountain training on my legs and lungs. That first Monday I ended up doing a tempo run. The next day I went up Mount Falcon, which I feel was the most difficult continuous climb I've completed. I've been up trails that are steeper but shorter and some that are longer but less steep, but I feel that the combination of grade and length made this single climb the most challenging so far. Notice I said single. I think going up Green Mountain 2 or 3 times is harder for sure. I've actually never been able to run all the way up Green Mountain more than once, and it might be a while before I try it again. The combination of warm weather with west facing trails and no trees makes the Green Mountain evening runs pretty unappealing for spring and summer.

Later that week I started to really feel the effects of my race and those first couple days of tough runs. I felt sluggish on Thursday and Saturday. I was also feeling sick on Saturday. As you can see my "long run" wasn't very long. A whopping 3.29 miles at Mount Falcon. Not only were my legs tired but I just generally felt crappy. Couldn't breathe, full of phlegm, sore throat, headache. So I didn't quite make it to 20 that day.

Well here I am a week and a half later and not at all regretting my two light weeks. My legs feel really good now and I'm totally pumped for a challenging week of running! It actually worked out perfectly so that I can have a higher mileage week now, then taper for Quad Rock 50 which is on May 12th. Yipee! So except for the few pounds I gained, the past couple weeks turned out just swell.
Took mom to Red Rocks for a walk.
Duckies at Pine Valley Ranch.

Pine Valley Ranch. Face rock. I think he looks kinda
like Abe Lincoln.
North Fork of South Platte River. Pine Valley Ranch.
Yes mom, it turns out this does feed into the Platte
River in Nebraska!

Dead snake. Pine Valley Ranch.

Flowers are in bloom at Reynold's Park!

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